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Can I get a Florida medical license if I have a criminal history?

by | Mar 11, 2021 | Health & Health Care Law

Medical professionals in Florida will undoubtedly understand that they need to meet the licensing requirements to be able to practice. For most, this is not a problem. However, people face various challenges in life that can hinder them as they seek to achieve their goals. An example is if a person has a criminal history. This is not uncommon and it does not automatically preclude the prospective doctor from getting his or her license. Still, it is imperative to understand how the Florida Board of Medicine addresses applicants with a criminal history. As with any legal consideration, having professional guidance may be crucial to achieving the goal.

What must be done to get a license with a criminal history?

If the applicant was found guilty, issues a guilty plea or pleaded no contest to a charge that went beyond a minor traffic violation, it is necessary to list the offenses on the application. For those who are thinking about omitting the criminal history, this alone could lead to the license being denied. There is no specific guideline as to how the Board will address criminal offenses.

If it was a violent offense or a person who has been arrested and convicted more than once, the case will be reviewed. A person who shows remorse and that he or she is rehabilitated can get the license. The applicant must provide a letter stating what happened in the criminal offense or offenses. Official records must be presented. If there was probation, parole or there were other penalties such as fines, this too must be provided to the Board.

Healthcare licensing can be complex and professional guidance can be helpful

Getting or renewing a medical license could be sabotaged by a past mistake. To avoid the worst-case scenario, it is important to have experienced representation that understands compliance with these matters. For this or any other concern whether it is facing discipline, combating complaints, avoiding medical malpractice and adhering to contracts, having advice from those who understand healthcare law can be essential.