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A Forward-Thinking Firm

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About The Sloan Firm, PLLC

Founding attorney Eric Sloan prides himself on providing his clients with high-end service that they can rely on. Since he began practicing law in 2001, he has been providing his clients with efficient and effective legal representation in a variety of areas ranging from healthcare compliance and employment law to business law and contract negotiation. In addition, Mr. Sloan has experience inside the courtroom, as well as seeking to resolve matters outside of litigation by way of settlement or alternative dispute resolution.

You can learn more about Mr. Sloan here:

Delivering High-Quality Legal Representation

Attorney Sloan understands that the quality of his legal work ultimately defines his reputation. As such, he holds himself to very high standards when it comes to providing competent legal representation to healthcare providers, business owners, management teams and private individuals who seek help navigating the world of legal rights and responsibilities.

Leveraging Technology To Serve Client’s Needs

At The Sloan Firm, PLLC, Mr. Sloan believes that one of the best ways to keep legal services affordable in Ormond Beach and the surrounding areas as well as in Idaho is to leverage technology and to keep overhead low. By embracing a hybrid brick-and-mortar/virtual law firm business model, the firm accepts clients in both licensed jurisdictions – Florida and Idaho. In many cases, Mr. Sloan is willing to structure his fees in a way that encourages open and frequent communication without worrying about the cost of a telephone call or email response.

Utilizing technology makes it possible for Mr. Sloan to virtually advise clients anywhere at any time, allowing for greater flexibility in scheduling appointments that work for you. He holds office hours for those who prefer traditional formality, but he understands that office visits may not work for everyone. Attorney Sloan’s goal is to provide clients with multiple ways to contact him in order to best serve their legal needs as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Exceptional Representation When You Need It

If you are ready to meet with an attorney you can trust, contact The Sloan Firm, PLLC. Mr. Sloan offers flat-rate fee options. He works tirelessly to protect your business and best interests.

To work with an attorney who will treat your legal matter with the highest priority, call 386-760-3232 or email the firm here today.

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