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Answers To Your Litigation Questions

As the founder of The Sloan Firm, PLLC, attorney Eric Sloan has been handling litigation claims for 20 years. He serves clients in both Florida and Idaho, and he has handled many civil claims, both in mediation and at trial. If you are facing a lawsuit or are considering a claim against someone else, you should start by perusing the questions and answers below and talk with an experienced attorney from The Sloan Firm, PLLC.

Can I represent myself in litigation?

Technically, yes you can. But unless you have actual trial experience as a lawyer yourself, this is generally a bad idea. It takes years of study and even more years of experience to become a successful litigator. Without knowledge of the law and the legal procedures involved in your case, your odds of representing your interests effectively are almost nil.

There is too much at stake to try to handle your case on your own. Eric Sloan is a trained and experienced litigator with a track record of success. Let him look at your case and provide you with good counsel as to how to proceed.

How can I minimize the cost of litigation?

This is the primary reason most people even consider representing themselves in court: They want to save money. And it makes sense. The cost of litigation can seem overwhelming.

However, there are ways to minimize the costs involved:

  • Alternative dispute resolution can resolve conflicts without the costs and time commitment associated with traditional litigation
  • Winning your case will result in less out-of-pocket expense, especially in cases that provide attorney fees for the winner
  • Working with an attorney who focuses on efficient dispute resolution rather than increasing billable hours will provide you with a means to handle the case without the exorbitant expenses

As a lawyer who has handled many courtroom trials, Eric Sloan knows how to keep costs within reason and how to work with you so that you always know what the costs will be.

I was served a summons and complaint. Do I need to respond?

Yes. It is critical that you respond within the timeframe specified. If you do not timely respond, the plaintiff could obtain a default judgment from the court, which is effectively the same as losing your case in court.

As soon as you receive a summons and complaint, call attorney Eric Sloan to discuss your options and to make a timely reply. This is essential for protecting your rights in court.

What are the risks of mediation or other forms of alternative dispute resolution?

It is common for people to be concerned about mediation. Although they want to save the time, money and stress of courtroom litigation, most people have not experienced mediation or other forms of alternative dispute resolution, so they are unsure of the possible risks.

In a mediation session, the only thing that can be used in court is the signed agreement itself, if there is one. The statements made by the parties and their attorneys are confidential. So, if you make an admission in a mediation session, and the two parties cannot come to an agreement together, the other party cannot use that admission in court. The main goal of this rule is to encourage open and honest dialog between the two parties with the intention of reaching an agreement.

The only possible risk is if the other party is not cooperative in the process, and the case has to go to court anyway, in which case you have wasted some time going through the mediation process. Other than that, though, there is really no significant risk in mediation.

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