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Questions About Employment Law

When it comes to running a business, it is vital to know the laws surrounding your employees and their rights. This can be a challenging area, which is why Mr. Sloan at The Sloan Firm, PLLC wants to provide the answers to some of your employment law questions.

Do I need an employee handbook?

Handbooks are not legally required, but strongly recommended. Handbooks should not modify employment at will. Rather, they should be used to articulate the standards of conduct expected of employees—and what employees should expect from employers. Handbooks should be reviewed and updated at least annually and signed by employees.

Can an employer fire an employee without a good cause?

Most Florida (and Idaho) employees are employed “at will.” This means that they can be terminated at the will of the employer. Conversely, most employees can quit at their will.  “Without good cause” though should not be construed as illegal cause. State and federal laws provide many forms of protection to employees. Terminating an employee without complying with those laws is almost always problematic (and costly) for the employer.

Do I need to pay overtime?

Wage and hour law is one of the most difficult things for employers to keep in compliance with. The general answer is yes, you must pay, but which employees? Many times employers wrongly believe that by giving an employee a salary will avoid overtime law. This is called misclassification. Running afoul of overtime law can get extremely expensive for employers quickly. Many times these cases are filed as class action lawsuits and may involve employees who left employment years ago. Compliance with wage and hour is absolutely critical to your business.

What is the difference between an independent contractor and an employee?

These two classifications of an employee are probably the most common for employers to encounter. Independent contractors are often responsible for more of their own judgment on the job. They usually report to another employer, bring their own supplies or tools, or even have their own employees under them. Employees often have fewer freedoms than independent contractors, but they may enjoy the company’s benefits, like paid time off and overtime.

How can I best follow employment law?

The best way to ensure you do not violate any employment laws is by retaining an employment law attorney. An experienced lawyer will guide and counsel you through any employment legal matters that you may encounter in your business. Be sure that you choose an employment law attorney to protect you and your business.

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