The Sloan Law Firm PLLC

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A Forward-Thinking Firm

Settling Disputes Through Litigation And Alternative Methods

For a reasonable person or business, litigation should be considered the last option for justice because of the high cost. Unfortunately, however, not all people and businesses are reasonable. This means that you may well find your cause decided by those who have no direct involvement in the dispute – a judge, jury or arbitrator.

How The Sloan Firm, PLLC Can Serve You

The team at The Sloan Firm, PLLC prides itself on serving the Florida and Idaho communities through its forward-thinking, flexible strategies and compassion. You deserve the best possible representation from your attorney, which is why Eric Sloan tries to meet your every need, such as:

  • File a lawsuit in state or federal court to enforce your legal rights
  • Defend a lawsuit against you or your business
  • Represent you in arbitration or mediation
  • Advocate on your behalf before an administrative tribunal
  • Counsel on post-ligation rights and responsibilities
  • Provide local attorney assistance to out-of-state law firms handling your matter

Do Not Wait To Begin Your Preparation

One of the keys to success in a legal matter is being fully prepared for it. If you are ready to meet with an attorney you can trust and begin preparing today, contact Mr. Sloan for your initial consultation. Call 386-760-3232 or email him here to begin planning.