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Legal Help With Business Formation

When starting a business, there is a lot to think about. In addition to the complex filing regulations and compliance issues, there are numerous concerns about establishing the right type of entity and setting your business up to succeed for years to come. The path is marked with potential errors and oversights that could prove costly to your business goals and finances. Working with an experienced lawyer is the most important step to protecting your business from potential problems before they arise.

New business owners throughout Florida and Idaho trust in the legal assistance of attorney Eric Sloan of The Sloan Firm, PLLC. With 20 years of legal experience handling a range of business-related legal issues, Mr. Sloan represents new business owners in all aspects of business startup. He sees himself as a partner with the businesses he represents, walking clients through the entire process of starting new businesses and providing answers to complex business law questions along the way.

Comprehensive Legal Assistance

Mr. Sloan can help you through all aspects of starting a new business, including:

  • Choosing the correct entity: The decision of whether to start an LLC, a sole proprietorship or some other legal business entity can have major impact for your business’s tax obligations and potential legal liability. Mr. Sloan can help you look at the pros and cons of the different available options to determine the best entity for your new business.
  • Initial documentation and filing: Mr. Sloan can help you draft all of your initial legal documents you will need to start your new business, including the filing of papers and your business’s initial operating documents. He will help make sure everything is in order and timely file these documents with the Secretary of State.
  • Compliance and counsel: Opening a new business only requires the filing of the appropriate documentation. But creating a successful business requires a lot more. Mr. Sloan can provide critical legal counsel for your new business to help you avoid costly litigation and remain in compliance with industry regulations and applicable laws. A skilled lawyer helping you see possible pitfalls in the road ahead can be a critical component to long-term success.
  • Contracts: Every business requires a range of contractual agreements in order to operate. Relationships with employees, outside vendors, insurance companies, landowners and customers are just a few examples of contractual relationships. Attorney Eric Sloan will help you navigate all your business’s contractual agreements. He provides negotiation, drafting and review services.

With Eric Sloan as your business ally, you can establish your new business and move forward confidently, knowing your legal bases are covered.

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