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Forms of prohibited workplace discrimination

by | Jan 5, 2021 | Employment Law

While Florida residents would like to think that workplace discrimination no longer exists in 2021, the reality is that employees are still treated unfavorably because of their age, gender, race or skin color, religion, national origin, sex, disability or genetic information. Discrimination exists in both the hiring and firing process and also the workplace. Though it is federally prohibited, it is far from over. Employees should know what type of discrimination is illegal under employment law.

Sex and gender discrimination

Men and women should be paid the same wages for the same work. When deciding whether jobs are similar or not, the nature of their work and not the title, should be considered. Additionally, pregnancy discrimination is also prohibited. Employers should give pregnant employees the same considerations they would if the employee had another temporary illness.

Race discrimination

Discrimination based on race or personal characteristics based on race are illegal. This goes for both an employee and a job applicant.

Age discrimination

Companies cannot specify an age in job descriptions. Benefits should be the same for all employees regardless of their age.

A hostile work environment can affect an employee’s performance and may make them anxious, as discrimination can interfere with an employee’s ability to work. Discrimination in any form of the protected classes has legal remedies that can be availed with the help of an experienced attorney. Employment law also protects employees from employer retaliation resulting from filing a complaint or participating in an investigation.