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Strong Advocacy To Protect Your License To Practice Medicine

It is a moment that every medical professional dreads: receiving an Administrative Letter of Complaint from the Department of Health. All the time and effort it took to obtain your license, and all you have put into keeping your license and staying in good standing, all of it could be gone. Losing your professional license could mean the end of your medical career. Do not respond to this letter or proceed in any way without the help of an experienced attorney you can trust.

Attorney Eric Sloan, founding lawyer of The Sloan Firm, PLLC, has two decades of experience representing clients in a range of legal practice areas, including the legal issues regarding health care. He has a thorough understanding of the legal and administrative procedures involved with medical license defense. Mr. Sloan knows the importance of your medical professional license, and he knows how to protect it. The firm serves medical professionals throughout the states of Florida and Idaho.

Comprehensive Legal Coverage Throughout The Process

Chances are, you have never been through the process of defending your professional medical license before and you are experiencing some anxiety. Eric Sloan can help you through every aspect of the process of defending your license:

  • Responding to the initial letter: How you respond to the initial letter is critical. Many medical professionals err by either adding too much information that could be incriminating or by not responding thoroughly to the allegations laid out in the complaint. Mr. Sloan can help you be sure to respond thoroughly and appropriately.
  • Hearings before the boards: Depending on the nature of the allegations, you could have to sit before a number of professional and administrative boards to review the allegations. Eric Sloan can represent you in these hearings and prepare you for how to defend yourself and keep your license.
  • Settlement negotiations: In some cases, a settlement negotiation with the aggrieved party is the best approach to resolving a dispute of this kind.
  • Appeals: Although the professional boards and the Department of Health have considerable autonomy to regulate the medical profession, some cases bring up legal infringements and violations of a medical professional’s rights. In some of these cases, the option for appeal stands as the last possible recourse for retaining a license.

Mr. Sloan is an experienced lawyer who has helped many doctors, nurses, pharmacists and other medical professionals protect their licenses. He will remain dedicated to your cause and help you through every step of your case.

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Do not try to handle your defense alone and do not trust your career’s future to an inexperienced attorney. Call Eric Sloan at 386-760-3232 or contact the firm online to schedule a consultation.