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How do you write a solid contract?

by | Mar 29, 2022 | Contracts

In general,  business leaders in the state understand that contracts serve as an important building block for the health, success and growth of the business. Contracts are necessary between business associates and partners, with vendors and with suppliers.

Having a solid contract forms the basis of a good, long-lasting and profitable relationship. To meet that end, it is important to draft these documents correctly.

Roles, responsibilities and deadlines

Forbes looks into the essentials business owners need to put into their contracts. First and foremost, the contract should always outline responsibilities and duties that each party must hold for the duration of the contract, as well as specifying the duration. The more specific a contract gets about these roles and responsibilities, along with the expiration of the terms, the better it is for everyone.


The contract should also outline any protections needed for the relationships involved in it. Contracts can help outline potential dispute-resolving methods in the event that something happens and a remedy is needed. It may be wise to leave litigation, i.e. taking someone to court, as a potential last resort. Other, less abrasive measures of solving disputes exist, such as arbitration and mediation.

Contracts should also leave room for potential outs, in the event that one or multiple parties decide that the project or partnership no longer works for them and they wish to leave.

The more peaceably these things can happen, the better it tends to be for everyone involved. Of course, it helps to have legal aid survey a contract before it is used in a business sense, just to ensure everything is up to standard.